Sunday, February 22, 2015


If you're located in the Northeast, the snow has piled up like soot on a non-dusted ceiling fan. As temperatures drop, they have the potential to freeze your motivation to clean up your home.
Fight the urge to hunker down while the dirt piles up!
1. Prevent your pipes from freezing by keeping your thermostat at 55 degrees or higher.
- This is a step to prevent you from cleaning up pools of water (among other things) should your pipes burst.
- On average, the coolest comfortable home temperature is 68 ° F. If you keep your home at 68 ° F during the day, you could save up to 6.2% on your heating bill. Just think, for every degree above that temperature, your heating costs will go up!
- If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55° F.

2. Think salt stains your driveway... how about your carpet?
- Not only does salt collect in your carpet fibers, it also stains hardwood and tile floors. Once salt water drips off of your winter boots and dries on your floors, you're left behind with unsightly stains and a chalky residue.
- Prevent this by taking off your shoes at the door and laying them on Ask Cindy's Terry Cloth Towels to absorb moisture and prevent floor staining.

- If your floors are already affected, steam clean your carpets and use a freshly scented all-purpose cleaner/water solution on your tiles and a clear dish soap/water solution on your hardwoods. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO DRY YOUR FLOORS!!

3. Warm, Dry air = DUST! DUST! DUST!

-Here's the key to a clean home! .... Wait for it .... TOUCH EVERY SURFACE :).
When you tackle the dust in your home it is no different. You should dust the blades of your ceiling fans, tops of books, window moldings, wall sconces and other light fixtures. These actions will brighten things up and improve your air quality!
- Dust with a micro-fiber towel for the ultimate results!



4. Clean your windows
- In the cold, dark winter, daylight is a precious resource. Sooty, grimy windows will inhibit your access to sunlight and cloud your vision of the wintry landscape. Especially if you have a fireplace and/or burn candles, a layer of soot will form on the inside of your windows and the panes.
- The best solution to begin the process is a mixture of clear dish soap and water. Use this solution, along with Ask Cindy's White Terry Cloth Towels to scrub away the soot and debris. Then SEAL IN THE SHINE with Ask Cindy's signature Glass Cleaner! It delivers a non-smudge, non-streak, sparkle.
5. Are your kitchen walls & ceiling yellow with grease and food debris??
- If you live in an apartment setting and change habitats every 1-2 years, you are lucky in terms of dirt build-up. However, for those of us who own homes, we have to worry about years of grease on the kitchen ceiling and splatter on the walls.
- The key to removing grease and keeping the paint on the surfaces is this: soft microfiber. Use a clear dish soap/water solution with An Ask Cindy Thick & Thirsty Microfiber Towel.
- These towels offer an un-beatably gentle & effective clean. Please don't continue to scrub if discoloration/peeling occurs and don't forget to dry your surfaces post clean!