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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


(Organize to manage time and effort)

Where is the starting point that leads to a clean and organized home?
Sticking to a customized plan of action! 

Action step #1
Create and prioritize a list of cleaning tasks for the home’s living spaces. Every room in the domain is on this list. Establishing a clear method with associated cleaning product(s) for each house cleaning task is important. This will also jump-start an education related to the whys and hows of cleaning. Also, the required knowledge for each how-to cleaning task will inspire best practices for house cleaning success. Deciding on specific tasks, with associated timelines, are required for successful cleaning outcomes, for example: 

  1. Vacuuming
  2. Sweeping
  3. Wet mopping
  4. Dust mopping
  5. Kitchen appliance and bathroom cleaning 
  6. Furniture polishing
  7. High dusting of walls

These are some of the specific decisions to be made. Also, analyzing the frequency of usage of each room is a necessary component for establishing cleaning task timelines.

Action step #2
A detailed examination: How many days with associated timelines are available for routine cleaning tasks? Be honest, 30 minutes or 60 minutes a day or every other day per room, or will it be a weekend marathon of cleaning tasks for all rooms? Without a doubt, dirty rooms are markers of living in our homes. Our lives are ongoing 7 days a week, week in and week out. We need to allocate time to clean; house cleaning is a great exercise partner, or tasks can be delegated to someone else. Routine cleaning of a home, regardless of who does it, will make a home more enjoyable, more comfortable, and healthier. 

Action step #3
Getting started: Once you establish cleaning day(s) with tasks and the associated timelines, you are now instituting structure for your success. Daily, weekly, and rotating cleaning tasks will maintain a clean home and your sanity, as well. Trust me, I am someone that loves to clean, but house cleaning is a worthy adversary and it demands an attentive approach, whether you like to clean or not.  

Action step #4

Let’s get moving: Once you are in possession of a reasonable plan of action steps. Your customized and knowledgable how-to cleaning plan needs to be comprehensive, as well as easily transferable. This personalized blue-print for your home’s cleaning tasks can be passed on to another. Also, it can be modified as you see fit. Possessing a house cleaning plan that is effective and organized, will achieve cleaning success.


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Effective House Cleaning: A compilation of activities!

Our home lives involve a delightful blend of lively and creative spirits within our walls. If the delightful madness takes a respite…, all important cleaning tasks need to take place. How does a family get started? Well, I’m glad you asked, music starts the movement in my home.  
A fun chant mimics a musical beat: I say, "clean this house" - you say, "lets go team." We’ll clean this house and make it gleam! 
Just kidding, but a catchy rhythm with fun words create a playful mood. 
Working together allows you to get the tasks done more quickly. Then a beautiful house will appear right before your eyes. Chores can be categorized into weekly, bi-weekly. and monthly cleaning tasks. 
Pump up the music!
Weekly cleaning projects: 
  1. Pick up play items, etc. and place them away in an organized manner.
  2. Make the beds throughout the home.
  3. Empty all dirty clothing hampers. Off to the laundry area…and load the washer. 
  4. Vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, wood, tile or stone floors and staircases. This task is paramount and always done before detail cleaning takes place!
  5. Remove garbage throughout the entire home: rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and etc..
  6. Clean the kitchen and bathroom. Wet mop your tile floors: let’s get the all-important hubs cleaned up!
  7. Quick dust the furnishings in all rooms. Oh, look at this, you’re done.
Bi-weekly cleaning tasks are more intense because the detailed cleaning process includes touching every hi and low surface, every furnishing and every knick knack or decor piece, in a precise way. 
Music please, lets clean house!
Bi-weekly projects: 
  1. Picking up play items, etc. and placing them away in an organized manner.
  2. Changing the linens on all beds.
  3. Empty all dirty clothing hampers. Off to the laundry area…and load the washer. 
  4. Vacuum the wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, wood, tile or stone floors and staircases. Using the vacuum crevice tool, clean the edges of the wall-to-wall carpeting and the crease of the carpeted stairs. This is detailed cleaning.
  5. Remove all garbage throughout the house: rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and the sanitizing of the interior and exterior of the pails.
  6. Kitchen cleaning includes wiping the exterior of the cabinets and checking the interior fronts (without removing items) for food spills, etc.. counters are scrubbed, interior and exterior door of the dishwasher is thoroughly cleaned, the interior of the refrigerator is sanitized. The food content inside this appliance is checked for freshness, light fixtures are cleaned, the micro-wave is completely cleaned, small appliances on the counter are cleaned (toaster, can opener, etc.. When the kitchen floor is cleaned, its associated grout lines, edges and corners are included too.
  7. Bathroom cleaning includes the sink, mirrors, wall tiles, toilet, medicine cabinet, appliances (toothbrush holder, soap dish, etc.), shower head, shower door, tub, window sills, shelving, cabinetry, and baseboards. Change out of bath towels, floors and its associated edges are cleaned. Do not forget to restock toilet paper, soap, etc.. 
  8. Thoroughly dust and polish wood furnishings throughout. 
  9. Wet wipe and dry baseboards, window sills, door ledges, wall trims, etc..
  10. Television screens are dusted and cleaned. Remote controls are sanitized.
    Oh my, this is labor intensive but so worth it. Home sweet home!
           Monthly projects:
    1. Vacuum window treatments and decorative valances. Dust the window blinds - slack by slack. 
    2. Wall hangings, framed art, decor pieces, photographs and bookshelves must be thoroughly dusted. 
    3. Clean the kitchen and bathroom floor grout lines .
    4. Clean your tools, change the vacuum cleaner bag or empty the dust cup on a bagless vacuum cleaner. 
    5. Clean the staircase risers and railing.
    6. Clean the laundry room and the individual washer and dryer appliances. The  connected hoses need to be wiped too. 
    7. The garage floor and exterior walkway leading to the house needs to be swept. The exterior lights must be dusted and its glass damply cleaned.
    8. Check the battery life of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; they must be fully functional to be life-savers!  

    House cleaning is work! Calling in professional house cleaning support is another option. Don’t forget this list, because all of it matters!
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    Monday, November 17, 2014

    Sunday, November 16, 2014

    Winterize Your Home With Clean!

    We're all familiar with the expression winterize your cars. And of course, being good stewards of our vehicles, we put them on a schedule to be serviced. This may include flushing the radiator, adding antifreeze, changing the oil and even tuning the engine. Well, I'd like to introduce you to winterizing your home as a major step toward preparing your home interior for the winter.

    "Surely you are kidding,” you might say. While we are all more familiar with the reference "Spring Cleaning" as a means to recover from the harsh winter, we probably find the concept of preparing for winter by cleaning a bit novel. Allow Ask Cindy to explain.

    Moving forward from the season of Fall and its refreshing air quality, on-going germs and microorganisms come inside to play on interior surfaces. You cannot see these small intruders, but know that they are there…. and while I'm not proclaiming medical authority, I feel safe to say that airborne and surface holders of germs and bacteria lead to colds, sore throats, and sickness, causing time away from work, school, and society. An essential point is that thorough cleaning and sanitizing can reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that have entered into the home. We don’t need to incubate germs, we need to stop them dead!

    There are some things that you need to do before winter. This should include a furnace and boiler cleaning and tune up. Especially important is duct & vent cleaning of forced air heating units. For anyone not familiar with the working of a forced air heating system, go to the floor return in a home and spray a substantial amount of disinfectant spray into the return vent. You will find that when the furnace blows warm air into rooms, they will now have the smell of the disinfectant spray. Just as your duct system will carry this disinfectant, it will also carry germs and bacteria that have built up since the home’s last duct cleaning.
    Call in the duct cleaning professionals every three - five years.
    Duct cleaning is a must and disinfecting the interior of these ducts is critical because of the free flow of particles within this incubating unit. These loose particles are ejected from the heating unit and some are caught inside the return unit’s filter and some are not. These ejected loose particles are not good breathing matter.

    So what else must be done to properly winterize your home? Basically, you must do a thorough and attentive house cleaning before closing out the cold winter air flow. Every surface must be touched with a disinfecting solution that is effective, but safe for humans and pets. The accumulation of dust and heating matter that expands and contracts within the home’s temperature controlled atmosphere contributes to the air quality of each room. This activity requires on-going sanitation of hard and soft surfaces. The floors, fabric upholstery, kitchen and bathrooms, and small and large appliances should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, too. Basically, it's not rocket science. Its about living and functioning in a healthy environment with a mindful consciousness.

    The great part about winter cleaning a home, aside from the obvious aesthetics, is that you can expect to eliminate many of the germs that carry colds and sickness. Fortunately, there are cleaning products, helpmates, and house cleaning how-to’s that are conducive to healthy home environments. 
    We're all told to wash our hands regularly during the cold season. Well, the winter cleaning of a home is like putting your home through the gentle cycle of your washing machine. 
    Effectively, a clean home is a happier and healthier home and it matters!

    Friday, November 14, 2014

    Are Household Cleaning Products Safe To Use Around Babies?

    In Ask Cindy’s world of all things clean, I always err on the side of caution when cleaning around infants and toddlers. After all, if your sense of clean is tied to aromas of strong bleach, the surrounding air flow can be irritating and leave behind a harmful residue on surfaces. This cannot be good for babies to ingest, touch, and breathe in, as they explore their environments. This is easily avoidable.

    As we maintain a clean house, we want to keep our children safe from harm. Well, Ask Cindy is here to solve any cleaning dilemma! Plant-based cleaning products are environmentally and biologically safer than many synthetic/chemically based products. This makes plant-based products an easy and effective alternative when considering healthy cleaning choices.
    If a cleaning product has a strongly marked odor or worse, fumes or a smoke-like haze, the inhalation of these vapors can be problematic for anybody, including pets. Cleaning products with toxic warning labels require that windows be opened, allowing for cross ventilation of fresh air throughout the home. The person cleaning the home or an individual room should be wearing a protective face mask (covering mouth and nose) and have on chemically resistant rubber gloves. If this kind of deep cleaning is required, you do not want children in the home during the process. Ingesting chemical odors, fumes, or vapors that are diffused into the air, is not conducive to good health. When chemicals are inhaled or absorbed through the skin, this can never be a good thing. It took me some time to gain these insights. As Louis Hector Berlioz once said, “time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all [of] its pupils…” So, put these insights into practice before it's too late!

    Let’s move forward with some safe, healthy cleaning suggestions:
    • Carefully select non-toxic cleaning products in homes with babies and young children. This is a requirement.
     • Water, water, water - rinse washable surfaces with water after cleaning them. Dry the surface thoroughly. Water and a neutral dish soap mixed together creates a safe cleaning solution. In most cases, it works very effectively! This combination is preferred when removing sticky substances like food, juicy liquids, and candy smudges on highchairs and tray tables, cribs, playpens, children’s furniture, table and chair sets, kitchen counters, toys, car seats, uncarpeted floors, bathroom wall and floor tiles, and so much more.
    • Ventilate a room with fresh air while cleaning, regardless of the product you are using. It is better to be safe than sorry!
    • Never spray cleaning products onto surfaces directly, this uncontrolled mist is suspended in the air and will land without restraint. Spraying, or better, pouring the product directly into water or onto a cleaning cloth allows you to control your household product. It goes where you place it.
    • Water soluble detergents used to wash children’s clothing, towels, toys, and bedding, need to be carefully weighed. The detergent needs to rinse cleanly without leaving residue on newly washed items. Ideally, the selected detergent is free of perfumes, dyes, and preservatives that often irritate skin.
    Children are vulnerable to strong household cleaning products, for example, body soaps, detergents, and airborne cleaning product vapors. The hazards related to house cleaning products can negatively impact children’s health. Let’s make the best decisions possible by being attentive. What you use matters!

    **Ask Cindy's endorsed cleaning products 
    avoid harsh chemicals, toxic fumes, and caustic substances. 
    While cleanliness is essential, safety is a priority!**

    [1] Hector Berlioz - Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils: Letter written in November 1856, published in Pierre Citron (ed.) Correspondance générale (Paris: Flammarion, 1989) vol. 5, p. 390; Paul Davies About Time: Einsteins Unfinished Revolution (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1996) p. 214.

    Monday, November 10, 2014


    I have been asked by many, 
    "What do you notice in a home that determines 
    whether it is relatively clean or not?"
    Well, I have made many notes about this issue both mental and physical. I thought I would share a few of these points with the readers of this blog. 
    As you can see in my title, this is only Part I of at least a 2 part series, however, I can say that if the average home is attentive to the issues on this list, your home will look and feel very good. Let me take you through a path that is not very different from the one I move through when I do an actual walk through of a potential customer's home.
    The Ask Cindy team at work!
    1st impressions - 
    The very first place my eyes will land is on the front door of the house or apartment. As I notice dirty frames and hinges within the recesses of the door, it's the first hint that the housekeeping routine needs an adjustment. Along with this, when I see that the threshold of the doorway is unsightly, I'm beginning to say "Uh huh! We have some work to do here." You know the story about first impressions.
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    2nd - 
    I look up at the light fixtures, wall sconces, chandeliers and lamp shades. It is here where more often than not, you will find those incessant cobwebs on lights, lampshades as well as cloudy film on glass. We're going to need further attention here.
    BUY NOW: Foaming, Non-streak Glass Cleaner
    BUY NOW: Micro-fiber Glass Cleaning Towels

    3rd - 
    My eyes will sweep the room for those hi and lo cobwebs in the cathedral ceilings, ceiling skylights, corners/edges, radiators, baseboards and the corners of stairwells. In almost every home, there is work to be done!
    BUY NOW: Extending High Duster with a Microfiber Duster Head
    4th -
    Now to enter the kitchen, one of my very favorite rooms, I immediately recognize that appliances and accessories have dust and food crumbs caught in grooves and edges.
    It's interesting how this type of accumulation can become a part of the fabric of our home experience without us really noticing. However, when these items are cleaned we immediately notice the difference.
    It is here where grout brushes and a vacuum crevice tool will make a visible difference. Every surface properly cleaned improves the air quality and the energy of a home. Not just a little but, ten fold. 
    BUY NOW: Ergonomic Grout Brush with Small Edging Brush - For grooves, grout lines, and edges
    BUY NOW: Ask Cindy's White Terry Cloth Towels - Washable, durable, absorbent!
    5th - 
    Now, for the bathrooms what I usually see immediately is dingy tile grout lines on the ceramic walls and floor. Mildew is another unsightly find in many bathrooms. Some mechanics will try to convince the homeowner that the only thing that can be done is to dig out the lines and re-grout. With a different determination, I've found that using proper techniques along with effective cleaning tools and detergents can resolve 80% of these issues minimally. Renewal cleaning allows anyone to start again.
    The new life for all surfaces is to eradicate the dirt build up and learn how to apply maintenance for your home.
    In closing, I present myself as a Guru in the field of house cleaning due to my years of dedication to the craft of cleaning. Simply put, I have a passion and God given gift for clean. I can feel dirt, see dirt in the dark and make any unsightly, dirty surface come clean.
    I love what I do and I've dedicated my professional life to being able to share my talent and gift via service, my writings and my cleaning seminars. Ask Cindy's "know how" is for all domains. There isn't any home, mansion, school, apartment or office building, restaurant, or castle that couldn't use my professional housekeeping tips. 
    I invite you all to visit my website for other tips and insights at Remember, you can resolve issues one room and one area at a time. Take care. 
    Your friend in the cleaning industry, 

    Cynthia Inman aka Ask Cindy How.


    (An Ask Cindy testimonial)

    Written by: blogger Mary Shustack
    I was away for a couple of days this past weekend and came home to, I have to say, a bit of a mess. I had packed very quickly, tossing things to the side, leaving them for later. Well, later came around and I have yet to be in the mood to sort through all the clutter.

    I had to laugh when I knew I'd be speaking with cleaning expert, Cindy Inman. Would she know I was  the owner of a big old mess? Well, we didn't get personal. After all, my clutter is my problem. But had I brought it up, I knew she wouldn't give me a hard time about it. One of the first things she said to me about coming into a client's home was,  
    "I do this in a fun way, 
    and I don't come with judgment."
    I still remember the enthusiasm that came through my friend and colleague Linda Lombroso's story on Cindy Inman last year. Through her company, Ask Cindy, Inc., Cindy offers super-detailed home (and commercial) cleaning services. 

    Here she is, in a photo taken by another of my colleagues, Carucha L. Meuse, for that story:

    While I do have my own cleaning issues, I was speaking to Cindy Inman to get a few more details about her newest venture, her own branded cleaning products which are now featured on her website.
    "I have a lot of fun tools that I'm now sharing", Cindy said, mentioning the Ask Cindy Glass Cleaner and the Ask Cindy Stainless-steel Polish, in particular.
    Not the most exciting thing to shop for, to be sure, but even I have to admit it is a necessity. Cindy Inman told me that people are overwhelmed by the idea of a large cleaning project. "I am there for everyone because it can be overwhelming", she said.
    Her site is full of tips and ideas, things she also offers through seminars. She was telling me that she's now expanding to work with some appliance stores and companies to offer presentations to shoppers. After all, if you're going to invest in a fancy new appliance, you want to be sure and keep it clean, right?
    Throughout the process Cindy tries to keep it simple. She mentioned that giant Martha Stewart book on housekeeping, for example."It is a very good encyclopedia for me", she said with a laugh. But it is not the way she would offer advice: "I try to do it in a very fun way. I try to do it in a way that will limit the steps to success."
    Check out Cindy Inman's site, especially if you're curious on how to keep all those lovely things you buy in like-new condition. And I have to warn the world's restaurants and restrooms: You just might be her next target. "The world is dirty", Inman said. It really annoys my senses and sensibilities.
    Hey, I'll do my part this weekend to clean up my own little world. The public places, I'll leave to Cindy Inman's next venture.
    This entry was posted April 2008, by Mary Shustack.

    Saturday, November 8, 2014


    (Do not put it all off until the "big clean")
    Chip away at each room, project by project:
    Step 1 - Baseboards
    When you clean your floor with a vacuum or floor sweeper, don’t forget to clean your baseboards. Yes, you need to. Baseboards get dirty and accumulated dust will drop onto a newly cleaned floor. Because most baseboards and moldings have grooves, these indentations collect dust. You can use an Ask Cindy micro-fiber dusting cloth to remove dust like a vacuum cleaner without scratching the surface. The Ask Cindy micro-fiber cloths are thirsty magnets (no chemicals or water needed). However, if you have scuffs, you can use an all-purpose cleaning product to remove any unsightly markings.
    BUY NOW: Thick, durable, washable Microfiber dusting towels
    Step 2 - Blinds
    Dust sticks to blinds like bees to honey – yikes!
    I have the perfect solution to this cleaning duty. My Ask Cindy cool blue micro-fiber dusting mitt turns this daunting cleaning task into an easy breezy cleaning task. You can use this plush mitt dry for maintaining dust free blinds or wet it and clean away dust build-up.
    After each use machine-wash and dry it. Use it over and over again as you need it. What you want to do is clean the blinds more often to prevent dust from building up and sticking over time. Once they are clean, every time you vacuum your floors, run your Ask Cindy blue mitt over your blinds to prevent buildup. This will make your blind cleaning task easier.
    BUY NOW: Non scratch, washable, Microfiber dusting mitt - Use wet or dry

    Step 3 - Refrigerator Interior

    We can’t avoid it – the inside of the fridge gets dirty. Many people will clean the shelves and then assume that the fridge is clean. But just because you can close the storage drawers and butter compartment and hide it, doesn’t mean it’s not dirty!
    The interior door(s), including the rubber door seal, compartments, and storage drawers inside your fridge, can get kind of icky if not taken care of. Be sure to take all of the jars, cheeses, meats, fruits and veggies out and clean those nooks and crannies. In almost all fridges, you can remove the drawers and door shelves and clean them in the sink. Also, the interior stationary built-in rack and drawer holders and sliders need cleaning.
    BUY NOW: Extra thick microfiber towels for messy jobs
    BUY NOW: (2 pack) Foaming, non stealing, glass cleaner

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