Sunday, March 22, 2015


When you first tackle cleaning your bathroom, what do you do?
  1. Assemble a cleaning caddy with all of the supplies that you'll need
    + Clear, neutral dish soap
    + 3 containers of warm water
    + Total, all purpose cream cleanser
    + Fresh scented all purpose liquid cleanser
    + Vacuum
    + Grout brushes (plus optional extending pole for better leverage)
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    + White terry cloth cloth towels
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  2. Change your shoes to non-slip cleaning booties
  3. Open any windows in the vicinity/ turn on the overhead fan for air circulation
  4. Lay down plastic or a trash bag outside of the bathroom door to place supplies on
  5. Clear the floor of all rugs, decorations, trash cans, accessories
  6. Vacuum the floor thoroughly to pick up all hair and debris! (this step ALONE will make a HUGE difference and save TONS of time)

    Tackle the details next!
  7. Dip your grout brushes into a 1 to 1 mixture of warm water and all-purpose cream cleanser (preferably with a bleach component)
    *be careful if the area outside of the bathroom is carpeted*
  8. Scrub your grout lines in smooth strokes (continually dipping into the scrubbing solution), while letting the brushes do most of the work.
    - Use the large grout brush (attachable pole available) on open spaces
    - Use the smaller grout brush on edges, corners, and behind the toilet tank
  9. Mix 2 parts water, 1 part all-purpose liquid cleaner
    - Dampen a terry cloth cleaning towel in the mixture and wipe your floors vigorously, applying pressure to remove any stickiness
  10. Mix 1 squirt of clear, liquid dish soap with 3 parts warm water
    - Dampen a terry cloth cleaning towel in the mixture and go over the floors to remove any cleaning residue left behind
  11. Dry your floors thoroughly with a terry cloth cleaning towel and stand back to admire the shine!