Sunday, December 21, 2014


Based on my many years of being involved with residential and commercial cleaning, it never ceases to amaze me when a customer is surprised when I explain the requirements of an initial cleanup.
Most homeowners have a mindset of spray & wipe, when connecting with house cleaning tasks. Surface cleaning allows one to get an immediate burst of appreciation, but only when they first see it. A reality check eventually takes place once items in a home are rearranged, or surfaces are inspected in a detailed way. The unsightly discoveries are unacceptable, now what! Quality vs. Quantity: The new possibility, for house cleaning tasks.
I always walk in with 5 cleaning principles:
  1. Knowledge: Investigate cleaning how-to’s, because every surface and furnishing must be appropriately cleaned.
  2. Create a cleaning plan for your tasks.
  3. Select your cleaning tools and solutions with serious consideration.
  4. Move forward knowing that the initial detail cleaning of room(s) or items is an investment of time.
  5. There are no shortcuts; only improved cleaning techniques will lead to efficient acts for eliminating dirt.
My basic point is, when you’re involved with cleaning restoration (after things no longer look nice), the initial clean can be intensive. At this point, your cleaning tasks require labor, time, and insightful how-to’s.
There is no way around these principles, especially during the initial cleanup. After the initial cleanup, maintenance doesn’t require the same level of intensity. This is especially true if maintenance commences right away. Expressions like, unbelievable and wow, can be yours! Clean is always a vivid presentation in a home.
Let’s face it, you get out what you put in! Ask Cindy’s 5 cleaning principles are required for a good cleaning result. While the surface spray & wipe approach will show some immediate improvement, the unsanitary layers beneath the surface will begin to show through very shortly. Over the years, people have shared that they were prepared to have certain items replaced. Ask Cindy’s housecleaning principles have renewed household appliances, light fixtures, furnishings, and so much more. Clean is clean!
By the way, we are not talking about magic here. Ask Cindy joins process and housecleaning knowledge, yielding outstanding cleaning outcomes. Reading forward, your home can experience a visible difference. Happy reading!

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