Tuesday, November 4, 2014



6 action steps to get your roomsarranged and cleaned, one by one:

STEP 1 -
Let’s start with the large piece pick-up. Clean clothing is placed away properly. Dirty clothing is relegated to the hamper or the laundry room. Shoes are organized and placed. Toys? Everything has a place; right! This order of things requires you to pick up the large pieces informally, but place them formally into befitting order. Don’t forget the arts and crafts tools as you keep moving. These are beautiful action steps. Activity that tones the arms too. This action begins the order of things to come, little ones :-)
STEP 2 -
Next, small piece pick-up and garbage removal. Let’s make the bed. Vacuum the upholstered chairs. Thoroughly vacuum the floors, bare or carpeted (edges and corners count). Yes, vacuum first to eliminate the minute and flying dirty particles from resurfacing onto your newly clean furnishings. Now you are ready to really clean.

STEP 3 -
Hi-dust the upper ledges and crown moldings to remove clinging cobwebs. Dust the ceiling fan and vents. Dry dust the windowsills and baseboards. Last, let’s dust the furniture, decorative items, books, and so forth.
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STEP 4 -
Dry dust the television and its related screen, the window blinds, window treatments, and wall decor pieces. Dry dust the window’s interior glass and their surrounding frames.

STEP 5 -
Let’s gently clean wall fingerprints, marks, and smudges off of the washable surfaces, such as walls, light switches, doors, baseboards, and so forth.

STEP 6 -
Wood or tile floors are quickly vacuumed again (no sweeping), to pick up the light distribution of dust from dusting. Then damp mop the wood or tile floors. Carpeted floors are vacuumed again for the same reason. Plus newly vacuumed floors, in an enclosed space, cleans the atmosphere of the room. This room looks better, smells better, it is better!

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