Friday, November 21, 2014

Effective House Cleaning: A compilation of activities!

Our home lives involve a delightful blend of lively and creative spirits within our walls. If the delightful madness takes a respite…, all important cleaning tasks need to take place. How does a family get started? Well, I’m glad you asked, music starts the movement in my home.  
A fun chant mimics a musical beat: I say, "clean this house" - you say, "lets go team." We’ll clean this house and make it gleam! 
Just kidding, but a catchy rhythm with fun words create a playful mood. 
Working together allows you to get the tasks done more quickly. Then a beautiful house will appear right before your eyes. Chores can be categorized into weekly, bi-weekly. and monthly cleaning tasks. 
Pump up the music!
Weekly cleaning projects: 
  1. Pick up play items, etc. and place them away in an organized manner.
  2. Make the beds throughout the home.
  3. Empty all dirty clothing hampers. Off to the laundry area…and load the washer. 
  4. Vacuum wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, wood, tile or stone floors and staircases. This task is paramount and always done before detail cleaning takes place!
  5. Remove garbage throughout the entire home: rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and etc..
  6. Clean the kitchen and bathroom. Wet mop your tile floors: let’s get the all-important hubs cleaned up!
  7. Quick dust the furnishings in all rooms. Oh, look at this, you’re done.
Bi-weekly cleaning tasks are more intense because the detailed cleaning process includes touching every hi and low surface, every furnishing and every knick knack or decor piece, in a precise way. 
Music please, lets clean house!
Bi-weekly projects: 
  1. Picking up play items, etc. and placing them away in an organized manner.
  2. Changing the linens on all beds.
  3. Empty all dirty clothing hampers. Off to the laundry area…and load the washer. 
  4. Vacuum the wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, wood, tile or stone floors and staircases. Using the vacuum crevice tool, clean the edges of the wall-to-wall carpeting and the crease of the carpeted stairs. This is detailed cleaning.
  5. Remove all garbage throughout the house: rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and the sanitizing of the interior and exterior of the pails.
  6. Kitchen cleaning includes wiping the exterior of the cabinets and checking the interior fronts (without removing items) for food spills, etc.. counters are scrubbed, interior and exterior door of the dishwasher is thoroughly cleaned, the interior of the refrigerator is sanitized. The food content inside this appliance is checked for freshness, light fixtures are cleaned, the micro-wave is completely cleaned, small appliances on the counter are cleaned (toaster, can opener, etc.. When the kitchen floor is cleaned, its associated grout lines, edges and corners are included too.
  7. Bathroom cleaning includes the sink, mirrors, wall tiles, toilet, medicine cabinet, appliances (toothbrush holder, soap dish, etc.), shower head, shower door, tub, window sills, shelving, cabinetry, and baseboards. Change out of bath towels, floors and its associated edges are cleaned. Do not forget to restock toilet paper, soap, etc.. 
  8. Thoroughly dust and polish wood furnishings throughout. 
  9. Wet wipe and dry baseboards, window sills, door ledges, wall trims, etc..
  10. Television screens are dusted and cleaned. Remote controls are sanitized.
    Oh my, this is labor intensive but so worth it. Home sweet home!
           Monthly projects:
    1. Vacuum window treatments and decorative valances. Dust the window blinds - slack by slack. 
    2. Wall hangings, framed art, decor pieces, photographs and bookshelves must be thoroughly dusted. 
    3. Clean the kitchen and bathroom floor grout lines .
    4. Clean your tools, change the vacuum cleaner bag or empty the dust cup on a bagless vacuum cleaner. 
    5. Clean the staircase risers and railing.
    6. Clean the laundry room and the individual washer and dryer appliances. The  connected hoses need to be wiped too. 
    7. The garage floor and exterior walkway leading to the house needs to be swept. The exterior lights must be dusted and its glass damply cleaned.
    8. Check the battery life of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; they must be fully functional to be life-savers!  

    House cleaning is work! Calling in professional house cleaning support is another option. Don’t forget this list, because all of it matters!
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