Sunday, November 2, 2014


Ask Cindy's Foolproof Guide to
Holiday Entertaining

Tip #1: Get some support

You can’t do this alone. To minimize disaster, you need someone to tidy up while you’re being charming. It could be a housekeeper, or a professional hire. Promise your helpmate a well deserved payday and a spa treatment in return. That will do it!

Tip #2: How to direct your helpmate

Basically, “your other you” needs to effortlessly and quietly police the on-going party situation. Ask your helper to push red wine glasses in from the edge of the table unobtrusively. Gently, slide coasters under all drinks; projecting ahead is always wise. Show her how to clean up crumbs from the floor (reference tip #4) and do emergency treatment on spilled red wine (reference tip #5). Demonstrate a day or two before the party to know as many cleanup how to’s beforehand. Point out the supply of napkins and paper towels and tell your helper to use them instantly to wipe up spills. I’d have a bunch of clean, white terrycloth towels on hand as well. They’re perfect to sop up toppled drinks. Ask your helper to check the bathrooms every half-hour to insure cleanliness.

Tip #3: Supplies you’ll need to prevent disasters

Have small trash receptacles in the corners of each room. Additionally, have on hand receptacle liners, coasters, and extra bathroom supplies. Extra hand towels and room deodorizers are great helpmates. A broom, a small mop, and OMG, don’t forget club soda, the queen product for saving the ... Now, your newly trained helper has the essential helpmate accessories to become a life saver. Pay your helper generously!

Tip #4: Soundless instant party “vacuuming”

Clean queen that I am, I’d never think of vacuuming during a party. How rude, my dear! But what to do about the trail of crumbs leading from the living room to the kitchen? Here’s a tip you’ll thank me for: “Ask Cindy’s Secret No-Vacuum Pickup.” Go out and get yourself some of those two sided sticky sheets found in art supply stores. Just peel back the paper and you have your silent but capable helper. Touching the crumbs lightly these adhesive icky sticky helpmates will pick up crumbs on the floor or table instantly. Voila... clean table and floor without the noise!

Tip #5: Worst-case scenario: Ask Cindy’s rescue tip for spilled red wine

It’s always the most proper guest and she’s turned crimson from embarrassment. But there you have it — red wine on your rug. What to do? Just follow “Ask Cindy’s Red Wine Rescue Tip.” Immediately, pour club soda over the spill, the magic is in the bubbling. Use a white terrycloth towel to blot, blot, blot up this unfortunate mess. Always start from the outside and work toward the center of the stain. Do not rub the stain - ever. Remember that blot - blot - blot is key. When the party is over, you can redo this process. You will need to call a carpet specialist in the morning. The bubbles in club soda are an emergency treatment only. Hopefully, your prized rug can be saved. CALL in the carpet specialist right away! Enjoy your party guests because you value their presence :-) Good luck with your party, I wish you well.

Your friend in the cleaning industry,
Cindy aka Ask Cindy How
Twitter:@AskCindyHow, FB:Ask Cindy How