Monday, November 3, 2014


Step 1: Get organized
The last thing you need once you start cleaning is to have a friend drop by for tea. Or worse, have your daughter pop in the door with her thirsty lacrosse team. Tell everyone your house is off limits for the day, no ifs, ands, or buts. Then, clear the kitchen floor of all objects and furniture.
Next, put everything on the counters on the dining room table. Open the kitchen door. Breathe invigorating fresh air.
Find the stepladder. Bring the bucket, cleaning products and equipment to a convenient spot nearby. Don't bring them into the kitchen! No need to have supplies all over the place if they're not being used. Just bring out what's needed for the task.
Step 2: Gather the proper supplies you'll need
Must-have supplies are rubber gloves, a bucket, my favorite liquid degreaser, mop, vacuum, scrubbing angle brush, non-toxic grout cleaner, stainless steel polisher, glass cleaner, extension-pole lamb's wool duster, and lots of clean, white terrycloth towels.

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Step 3: Follow "Ask Cindy's" high/low principle
When cleaning any room, always start from the top down. Get out your extension handle with its attached duster and dust the entire kitchen ceiling, especially the corners, crown moldings, and inside the recessed lighting.
Then, release the ceiling fixture cover. (Ick! How did all those summer bugs get in there?) Squeeze six drops of clear dishwashing liquid into a bucket of warm water. (One of my favorites degreasers comes in a white bottle.) Now take a clean, white terrycloth towel, dip it in, squeeze it out, and wipe your fixture cover to eliminate built-up dirt.
Make lots more clean buckets of my favorite degreaser and wipe down cabinet doors, counter tops and backsplashes. Smell the clean!
Step 4: Try "Ask Cindy's" secret tip for gleaming stainless steel
I bet you just swab your stainless refrigerator with a stainless steel polish. Now, the ‘Ask Cindy' way! A stainless steel surface needs to be degreased first. So…make a bucket of suds using the formula in step three, and wipe the surface down. Immediately buff dry with a clean, white terrycloth towel.
Now it's time to get out the Ask Cindy Stainless Steel polish (email me for store locations). Gently spray some into another clean towel and wipe in the direction of the stainless steel grain. Is your refrigerator smiling back at you? Follow my foolproof method on the outside oven door, toaster oven, dishwasher, range hood, and coffee maker – your stainless steel will look like new again.
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