Monday, November 10, 2014


I have been asked by many, 
"What do you notice in a home that determines 
whether it is relatively clean or not?"
Well, I have made many notes about this issue both mental and physical. I thought I would share a few of these points with the readers of this blog. 
As you can see in my title, this is only Part I of at least a 2 part series, however, I can say that if the average home is attentive to the issues on this list, your home will look and feel very good. Let me take you through a path that is not very different from the one I move through when I do an actual walk through of a potential customer's home.
The Ask Cindy team at work!
1st impressions - 
The very first place my eyes will land is on the front door of the house or apartment. As I notice dirty frames and hinges within the recesses of the door, it's the first hint that the housekeeping routine needs an adjustment. Along with this, when I see that the threshold of the doorway is unsightly, I'm beginning to say "Uh huh! We have some work to do here." You know the story about first impressions.
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2nd - 
I look up at the light fixtures, wall sconces, chandeliers and lamp shades. It is here where more often than not, you will find those incessant cobwebs on lights, lampshades as well as cloudy film on glass. We're going to need further attention here.
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3rd - 
My eyes will sweep the room for those hi and lo cobwebs in the cathedral ceilings, ceiling skylights, corners/edges, radiators, baseboards and the corners of stairwells. In almost every home, there is work to be done!
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4th -
Now to enter the kitchen, one of my very favorite rooms, I immediately recognize that appliances and accessories have dust and food crumbs caught in grooves and edges.
It's interesting how this type of accumulation can become a part of the fabric of our home experience without us really noticing. However, when these items are cleaned we immediately notice the difference.
It is here where grout brushes and a vacuum crevice tool will make a visible difference. Every surface properly cleaned improves the air quality and the energy of a home. Not just a little but, ten fold. 
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5th - 
Now, for the bathrooms what I usually see immediately is dingy tile grout lines on the ceramic walls and floor. Mildew is another unsightly find in many bathrooms. Some mechanics will try to convince the homeowner that the only thing that can be done is to dig out the lines and re-grout. With a different determination, I've found that using proper techniques along with effective cleaning tools and detergents can resolve 80% of these issues minimally. Renewal cleaning allows anyone to start again.
The new life for all surfaces is to eradicate the dirt build up and learn how to apply maintenance for your home.
In closing, I present myself as a Guru in the field of house cleaning due to my years of dedication to the craft of cleaning. Simply put, I have a passion and God given gift for clean. I can feel dirt, see dirt in the dark and make any unsightly, dirty surface come clean.
I love what I do and I've dedicated my professional life to being able to share my talent and gift via service, my writings and my cleaning seminars. Ask Cindy's "know how" is for all domains. There isn't any home, mansion, school, apartment or office building, restaurant, or castle that couldn't use my professional housekeeping tips. 
I invite you all to visit my website for other tips and insights at Remember, you can resolve issues one room and one area at a time. Take care. 
Your friend in the cleaning industry, 

Cynthia Inman aka Ask Cindy How.

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